Abu dhabi photographer, Dubai photographer

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lifestyle photographer; fashion photographer; abu dhabi photographer; dubai photographer
Hotel photographer; interior photographer; dubai hotel photographer; abu dhabi hotel photographer
food photographer; hotel photographer; abu dhabi photographer; dubai photographer; restaurant; hospitality
product photographer; still life photographer; abu dhabi photographer; dubai photographer


Abu Dhabi photographer Mohammad Hajjar has a wide range of photography  and video filming experience in Hotel, Advertising, Interiors, Architectural, Food, Products, Corporate, Lifestyles and Commercial ads. He also provide a professional high-end video for commercials, ads, event and specially for social media content. His bold and vibrant style is commissioned by various government and private companies across UAE and other Middle Eastern country. 

He has an obvious love for the camera and his art and is constantly seeking to push boundaries within the constraints of the brief. Striving to evoke emotion in each image, his work is honest, fun and original whilst remaining sensitive to the subject and brand. 

Mohammad Abu dhabi photographer is passionate about photography, a true obsession that seems to embolden as the years pass. He was entirely self taught through reading, experimenting and just old fashioned practice for hours on end.


Mohammad Hajjar was born in Lattakia, Syria in 1979. At the early age of 12 he became interested in 3D animation and graphic designing. After university, He travelled to Kuwait to work in one of the TV network there as a Video editor and 3D animation designer for 2 years. After then he decide to moved in Abu Dhabi and start his photography career. He work in one of the leading studio in Abu Dhabi as a graphic desginer and in-house photographer for several years. After working in a busy and creative environment it helped spur him to become self-employed and offering freelance photography. He also studied Filmmaking at New York Film Academy, Abu Dhabi. 

As a abu abu dhabi photographer he did a lot of beauty and adversing for some well known Ads Agencies across the country like Edelman, Impact BBPO, BrandMoxie, Calcium Ad, and many more.