Fitness Photographer Abu Dhabi-Mohammad Hajjar

Fitness Photographer Abu Dhabi -Mohammad Hajjar

It’s no surprise that people in UAE want to boom their social media profiles, and they consider getting a photo shoot done to help boost their image. I get many inquiries through Instagram daily for photoshoots, this was one like that.

Jaseem being a fitness freak and personal trainer called out to me to capture some shots of himself to showcase his progress in fitness.

After speaking to Jaseem, we decided to shoot in Yas Island over the weekend. The entire shoot was exciting and a fun experience. Jaseem and I clicked very easily due to our similar interests making it more comfortable for me to work with the subject as a professional. We took some amazing shots on the beach, over the bridge.

If your a fitness freak or guru and interested in shooting with me contact me for more details, or if your here to check out Jaseem click on the video below.

My assistant shot a behind the scenes video that has caught the eye of many people on my social media accounts, watch it below.

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Fitness Photographer Abu Dhabi – Mohammad Hajjar